Pesonal Geography Ideas

My original idea was to convert some of my digital statistics into physical world data by way of representation. My previous idea was to use the games internal stats of distance traveled and apply that to the real world, but many of the games that I have played extensively lack this feature, resulting in pitiful step counts. In light of this, my new idea is to convert hours played into distance traveled. Using my most heavily played game, Left 4 Dead 2, I have converted my total playtime of 122 hours into statute miles; the result is that given 122 hours and walking at the average human speed of 3.1 miles per hour, the distance traveled would be 378.19 statute miles. My next step is obviously to represent this data in mapping form, and my idea at this point is to see how far or where I could’ve gone in 378.19 miles

More recently I’ve been thinking about the game Minecraft. I played a lot of Minecraft back when it was in alpha like 4 years ago, and back then the entire randomly generated world could fit on one in game map. Now, the worlds are infinite, and a map can fill up within minutes. I don’t have a concrete idea on what to do with this, but I want to mess around with it some


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