Our project proposal is to examine and incorporate the microorganisms and microecology of Lake Merced into representational artwork. Our work is inspired by SFSU art professor, Lisa Solomon.

    To execute our proposal, we will use a video microscope to observe multiple soil and water samples taken from the lake. We will then use a pattern we find in these samples and replicate them through the trash found around Lake Merced.

Materials we need:

  • Video microscope
  • Petri dishes
  • Gloves
  • Miscellaneous tossed items from Lake Merced  


Progress Report:

We have redefined the focus of our project in recreating the ecology system in micro scale, creating terrarium like miniature biomes. This includes cross section of the area we will be observing. We will have five petri dishes for different levels of cross sections, i.e. soils will be at the bottom dish, root will be in the second to the last dish, etc, etc.





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